JRNaturalsShop - Jewel's Soaps--NASTY LIAR!! SCAM!!


I tried her lotions from my friend/seller A.R., and I decided to buy some handmade lotions, soaps, and solid perfume from this soap maker Julie-- just to share with my co-workers and friend as gifts.

I browsed her facebook page and chat with her. She seems very nice and helpful, so I ordered quite a bit from her the first time.

I did modified my orders and add more items and she sent me several paypal invoice and I paid right away.

The total is over $200.

When I got the package, I realized that she forgot half part of my order(which was on the same paypal invoice, the total is $57) entirely.

So I PM her, and she admitted, saying that she'll send them to me.

Then, I saw she had a sale on shampoo+conditioner, as well as shea butter.

So I ordered more. One set of shampoo+conditioner plus 3 jars of shea butter this time!

After I got the second package, I realized that she made a mistake, again!

She sent me 2 jars of shea butter instead of 3, and the scents were not correct.

Plus, the conditioner was not packed well enough so it squeezed out.

I took photos right away and PM her.

She blamed me didn't write my order clear enough and created confusions, saying that she has NEVER had any problem till now!

I found my paypal invoice from my email box right away and forward to her, it stated clearly in the invoice she sent me about items I order, with the scents on description as well.

I just got frustrated from communication difficulties and all the misunderstandings, so I asked a refund politely,

for the items I didn't get. ($57 for the previous invoice and $5 for one jar shea butter)

I'm listing all the items I didn't get, and She got mad and said:

Jewel's Soaps:

"Ok...quit harrasing me please"

I was so shocked to hear that, since all I want is some respect as a customer. Get what I've paid for or a refund!!

I don't like to fight with people, nor the confrontation. So I told her that I have absolutely no intention to "harass" her, just would like to end all these misunderstands by getting refund.

She then agreed, but she replied:

Jewel's Soaps

"I said ok....I just don't have extra money in my paypal account I will have to make payments to you.

I don't have any funds right now but when they come in I will send you some."

Then she lied and lied and lied------

She even provided false tracking number to Paypal----

As a result, I didn't get my items, nor my refund!!!

She is a bad seller and a NASTY LIAR.

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